Добрый вечер! Перевожу фик. Очень нужна помощь в переводе прозвища героини, ломаю голову уже несколько дней, но нормального варианта так и не подобрала. Прозвище - Stitches, и, если честно, я не знаю, как это перевести, чтобы и звучало нормально, и смысл остался прежним. Цитата для контекста, вдруг поможет)

"Um, Stitches-san," Hitomi called. "Mind if I ask you a question?"
The woman didn't even turn her head, only mumbled something to show that she was indeed listening. Hitomi paused for a moment before opening her mouth again.
"I was wondering... why 'Stitches'? It's quite a weird nickname."
Stitches sat up straight, locking her eyes upon Hitomi, and the girl felt her cheeks burning. "I-I'm sorry if it was rude of me-"
"Hn. It's fine." She sighed. "I knew you'd ask eventually."
Hitomi watched in silence as Stitches started to roll up her sleeve.
"See for yourself."
Hitomi's eyes widened as she observed the sight. Stitches' arm looked like it was cut off then sewed back together... by someone who barely had any idea how to sew. Dark stitches on her arm looked rough and inaccurate. Hitomi turned away in disgust and shame.
"And it's not just one arm," Stitches added nonchalantly, covering her skin again.